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PR Wires – Press Release Thoughts – 7 Press Release Thoughts That Truly Work

PR Wires – Press Release Thoughts – 7 Press Release Thoughts That Truly Work

PR Wires - Press Release Thoughts - 7 Press Release Thoughts That Truly Work

The biggest mistake that marketers make when writing press release distribution is that they assume journalists compose reports “about” companies. Your brand new business, your new president of your company hiring, new hire, or new product might seem appealing to you, however the truth for marketers is that the majority of reporters do not care.

As a former news TV reporter, I’m able tell that the majority of press release distribution services that news organizations receive are sent directly to the trashcan. The handful of releases that attract journalists’ attention are able to share a few things that are common. Here are seven kinds of stories that journalists often consider “newsworthy”.

Surveys and studies. A business with a healthy marketing budgets can hire an expert in surveying to conduct a newsworthy study that will create news at any time they need it. For instance an apartment listing website site could conduct a study regarding how many Americans are opting to rent instead of purchasing in this current economic downturn.

– Lists. There are stories like these on the news regularly: “10 Most Congested Cities,” “15 Fattest States,” “Best Cities to Start a Small Business.” Think of a list that is connected to your company and then hire an expert research company to analyze the figures. For instance the lawn care firm could release the list “20 Best Cities for Beautiful Lawns.”

– Hero Narratives. This story will be familiar to you when you hear it. The snowplough driver who cleans off the parking lot during his free time. The fireman who takes cats from the trees. The CEO who prepares inner city children for the managerial track. To be able to identify the stories of these individuals, it is essential to establish clear channels of communication for employees of all levels within your business.

– News You Can Use. They are usually similar to release lists, but are much less expensive and don’t require you to engage a costly research company. They typically be in the form of list or bullet point. Examples include, “Seven Ways to Avoid Foreclosure,” “Top Tips for a Healthier Pet,” or “How to Save Money on Your Apartment Rental.”

– Legitimate News Tie-ins. In order to benefit from this kind or best press release distribution services, it’s important to act quickly. Events that are happening now can be outdated in just a few days. Stories that fall into this category include a local church holding a prayer vigil to honor missing children and the company that fills trucks with items to help disaster victims.

– Far-Out Features. The more outrageous the report is, the more likely to get attention through the release of an online press release distribution. A local restaurant that offers an entrée for $500 is a type of out-of-the-box feature story that is sure to attract the attention of the media.

– Trends. Do local populations of rodents rise? In the case of a pest management business, you’ll have an opportunity to release a top press release distribution services. Ideally, you’ll include numbers and facts (bonus points for graphs) to illustrate the pattern. Include the appropriate figures in the press announcement.

Shalabh Mishra is a seasoned writer and communicator who has won awards. Being a freelancer full time she offers business writing as well as copywriting and marketing communication for advertising agencies and companies.

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