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PR Wires – Online Press Releases – How Are They Not the same as Conventional Press Releases?

PR Wires – Online Press Releases – How Are They Not the same as Conventional Press Releases?

PR Wires - Online Press Releases - How Are They Not the same as Conventional Press Releases?

PR Wires – Effective PR can create buzz about your business. This is just as true in the year 2010 as it was in 1950.

PR Wires – Up until recently, the best press release distribution was an expertly constructed promotional piece which was distributed by a public relations company for your business. The company you were working with had to engage an agency for public relations because the service you purchased was access to the individuals who controlled the contents of the newspaper. In your community, there was probably less than two or three newspapers, and everybody had an account. There was an enormous amount of pressure for information. If you didn’t want to make some scandalous news, you needed to have a connection with the right person to put your story published in the newspaper.

PR Wires – In 2010, you are able to become the entire press release distribution services and operate from anywhere provided you’re online. Online PR incorporates SEO linking, blog outreach and linking strategies in your public relations strategy to supplement traditional public relations.

PR Wires – A well-crafted Online press release can be crucial due to two reasons:

  1. Increased brand recognition and reach
  2. It is essential to keep a good online image

PR Wires – So long as your message and your image are consistent and clear Press releases on the internet can increase traffic to your website , and will increase the interest in your business and its products.

PR Wires – There are numerous online distribution websites for the best press release distribution services. A majority are free, and there are some that are expensive. The distributor you select depends mostly on the budget you have set and what you want to accomplish. If you’re on a tight budget no money (less than $100 per submission) then the no-cost distribution websites will work most. Be aware that, as with the majority of items in the world, you only get only what you put into. The best option is to make use of the press release websites for free in exchange for a modest cost to get a link, or the capability of delivering the news to a specific public.

PR Wires – The 5 best free press release distribution websites are:

PR Wires – 1.

This is a simple and functional website; however its results are impressive. It offers a free press release distribution service that works with Google News and other search engines. Links from outside are permitted and the website is optimized for search engines. It is possible to schedule the press announcement.

PR Wires – 2.

This is a similar website that has good results. It offers a free press release for distribution. If you would like to distribute your announcement to a targeted audience – based on geographical location or other demographics – it is possible, however, the release will no longer be free.

PR Wires – 3.

This distribution website for services offers free distribution and submission, together with benefits of search engine optimization.

PR Wires – 4.

The site has a decent page rank and receives good traffic. Links that are active are permitted.

PR Wires – 5.

The site has a high page rank, and it receives an impressive amount of visitors.

PR Wires – If you’re on a bigger spending plan, then there’s two top free press release distribution companies. You should be prepared to pay more money than you have to pay for the free distribution websites. Based on your requirements and financial budget, it may prove beneficial.


PR Wires – For more information on effective electronic press release distribution go to Connect4 Consulting. Connect4 Consulting is a full-service communication firm that focuses on technology and marketing with a focus on Internet Marketing, Email Marketing Search Engine Optimization as well as Social Media Marketing.

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